Viber For Android Cell Phone

Of course, the core functionality of mobile spy software is the ability to monitor and log phone calls. Even the most basic mobile spy software of today keeps records of all incoming and outgoing calls that are made on the phone being monitored, and most programs are compatible with any mobile phone from a teenager’s simple first phone to a key employee’s state of the art iPhone or Android smartphone. Basic information recorded and logged includes the number with which the phone was in contact, whether the call was incoming or outgoing, call duration, and date/time of the call.


With this information on hand, an unfaithful spouse or employee who may be in contact with a competitor can be confronted as to the nature of the calls logged by the mobile spy software, and measures can be taken to intercept any further calls to and from the numbers in question if the software package includes a call interceptor feature. Advanced iphone  spy software packages, as well as telefon takip of spy mobile phone that have software professionally installed and configured, might even include a full fledged call recording device that can record calls being made by the remote monitored phone on a memory chip or other form of memory device.viber-android