About Us

Du Toit Associates is a leading authority on pool and pond safety and have assembled a team of experts ready and able to tackle any project of any size ranging from ornamental fish ponds to full-size swimming pools. We realise that there is nothing more important to a parent than his or her child’s safety and our primary objective at Du Toit is to protect your children and to insure that you have peace of mind.

We realise that every family has different requirements and that every swimming pool and pond poses a unique set of safety issues. Our team are able to expertly analyse every pool and pond safety situation in order to produce solutions that will perfectly fit to your family’s unique needs and requirements.

At Du Toit we offer a range of solutions including pool and pond covers, shelters and fences which we are able to combine and alter in order to give you a fully bespoke design solution tailored to your precise needs. We believe that our products will not only guarantee your child’s safety and give you peace of mind, but that they will also enhance the aesthetic quality of your garden’s water features.

Contact our team and see how we can make you pool safer.