Good software revolutionizing site monitoring!

Gain 30 to 45 minutes on site reports thanks to a complete site job tracking software

Building professionals? Your site visits will be a breeze. No more time wasted on each site due to tedious reporting. A job tracking software application and project management on iPad and iPhone will facilitate your business trips. Thanks to this innovation, you will have on site the tool necessary for your operations of follow-up of site.

ArchiReport allows you to gain 30 to 45 minutes on each of your site reports. An innovative application allowing to follow a complete site on your Iphone, Ipad or computer. Try for example a job tracking software  on Ipad with Archireport and discover quality reports in PDF format directly from your site.

Toolkit for site monitoring

You can revolutionize your site monitoring with ArchiReport and thus get your real-time reports directly on the ground and improve your productivity.  The generated reports integrate your remarks, sketches and drawings on photos or plans and the remarks thus created are assigned to your speakers and / or different batches.

Whatever your occupation, whether you are an architect, a builder, a construction manager, etc. ArchiReport is the application of site monitoring accessible to all. Each craft industry will have its share of happiness thanks to the different functionalities provided by the application.

Release of reservations

Arch report accompanies you in the raising of reserves. The reception of a work which may be pronounced with or without reservation. If reception is accompanied by a list of reservations, the contracting authority shall indicate on the receipt report any discrepancies observed during the visit. All elements should be mentioned insofar as the disorders not mentioned will no longer fall under the guarantee of perfect completion or of an action against the manufacturers. That is why the lifting of reserves is a very important step in the life of your site.

More effective collaborative work

Collaborative work is also promoted through cloud storage. You will share your projects and work with others while transmitting the information in real time to the project’s stakeholders. After synchronization of the data, the invited project actors access your projects and site visits and can modify them.

Finally, you can structure your project in batches and sub-batches and assign your remarks to these different sections as well as to the various parties involved in your site visits. Arch report is available on the Apple Store! This job tracking software is perfectly adapted to the professionals of the building industry and mobile work.



All the ways are good to find lost iphone! Here are 8 solutions to set up to find your lost iPhone.

It’s up to you to play detective …

1)  Call your phone

Ask your friend to call your iPhone from their phone. Open your ears well to hear the ringtone or vibrator if your iPhone is hiding within reach of you.

There are chances to come across an honest person who will help you find lost iphone 

2)  Check for improbable places

The iPhone tends to slip out of your pockets so I advise you to check out any unlikely places like cushions on your sofa or even underneath your car seat.

3) Retrace your steps in search of your precious

Try to trace all your last trips. You will probably come face to face with your forgotten iPhone on the corner of a table.

The classic places where you forget your iPhone are in the office, with friends, in your gym, in the restaurant where you ate at noon or any other place everyday ..

4) Inquire about lost items

Many companies, transportation, public places, colleges and others have offices of lost items. So do not hesitate to ask them to check if they have not found your iPhone.

5) Launch a notice of search on your social networks

Mobilize your entire community to warn them that you have lost your iPhone. You might come across a friend of a friend who found him by land in the late evening!

The chances of success are maybe low but at least it does not cost anything to try.

6) Check with the police station closest to you

It is fortunate that a charitable soul has deposited your phone after finding it. This is also the opportunity to come and file a complaint if you think your iPhone has been stolen.

You can also specify the IMEI number of your iPhone so that it is blacklisted. This will help to find lost iphone if someone were to buy it.

7) Notify your operator

If you are certain that your iPhone has been stolen or you think you can never find it, contact your operator to notify you. They will not be able to locate it for you, but they may cut the phone services and possibly send you a new phone if you are insured at home.


The best range of children’s pools

The small ones of the house are of luck, and is that when choosing a kiddie pool to enjoy the water we have at our reach a great variety of models with different designs and characteristics, which means that there is always one that fits Well to their tastes and needs. The inflatable water slide rental can take different forms, so that we will find from simple and practical models to other very elaborate and original, designed for the maximum fun of the children. But better to see it than to tell it.

Basic inflatable water slide rental

To begin with, we have  children’s pools rectangular  and round “normal” of life, in different sizes, colors, illustrations, etc. They are usually inexpensive inflatable water slide rental that nevertheless have more and more careful and resistant materials, such as this aquarium model stamped with marine animals with which the children can take a good refreshing bath.

Children’s pools with awning

As a model a little more advanced, we have these  inflatable water slide rental for garden  generally of small dimensions, that are a option highly recommended for the youngest children since they have a parasol with the we can  protect them of the solar rays. Ideal therefore if the place where you are going to place the water slide does not have ceiling.

Water play centers

These are inflatable pools very complete and interactive, authentic centers of activities for several children who generally have very attractive designs and different accessories to complete their fun. The Dinosaur water games center that you can see in the picture includes double pool, slide, 6 balls, ramp, rings, inflatable dinosaurs and water spray bow. With a size of 333 × 229 is perfect for children to have a great time.

Fun children’s pools

There are inflatable water slide rental that include one or several inflatable accessories, whose main objective is for the children to have fun through the performance of some activity, such as this family-size pool where you can play to shoot the ball. But there are also volleyball net, catapult, etc.

Swimming pools for babies

We can not forget the little ones, they also have the right to soak, right ?. That’s why there are swimming pools specifically designed so that they can enjoy the relaxation of the water, such as this is licensed Planes Intex, which has a padded bottom for greater comfort of the baby.

Original children’s pools

As its own name indicates are swimming pools that stand out for the originality of its form, which makes them very showy and they love the children. As an example, this nice swimming pool with giraffe figure. Or the fantastic inflatable shark pool . Sliding tracks are another fun option.

Removable children’s pools

In addition to the inflatable swimming pools we have seen so far, if we are looking for a more versatile alternative in which we can also go, we can opt for swimming pools with tubular structure , more resistant, bigger and can easily be dismantled at the end of the season. These pools usually incorporate a water purifier  or have the option to connect one, so you do not have to change so much water.

As you can see the variety of pools for children is very large, so surely you do not have too many problems to find the one that you like. And if you have doubts about them you already know that we are here to help you.


Women’s Classic skechers sandals

Summer is fast approaching and you will have to swap your boots and your warm boots like a good pair of open shoes, ideal to let your little babies breathe in this warmth!

The classic skechers sandals for women are the shoes of reference during the warm seasons, and any fashionista who respects himself, eager for freedom and comfort, must have at least a pair in his dressing.

The classic women’s skechers sandals, with their simple and sleek design, are suitable for all styles and looks: they combine with raw jeans, a hippie look inspired by the 1970s, and a small dress Was very feminine.

Women’s classic skechers sandals are comfortable, timeless, stylish, stylish without being extravagant, and come in many styles: braided sandals for a bohemian look of the most beautiful effect, wooden for an ethnic touch, flat or heeled leather, Decorated with sequins or decorative flowers in fabric, with lateral zippers or laces on the front …

The online shop offers you the choice! The site offers you a large number of sandals of the biggest shoes brands of the moment, in an infinity of colors, styles and sizes.

Then you only have to go through extensive catalog in search of the pair of classic women’s sandals perfect for walking on the beaches next summer. There’s something for every taste and every budget, so be sure to find your shoes!

An Unusual Clinical Presentation In A Patient Without Asbestos Exposure

Sarcomatoid mesothelioma is a rare tumor that originates from mesothelial surfaces such as the pleura, peritoneal cavity, tunica vaginalis or pericardium. 80% originate in the pleura and 70% relate to asbestos exposure in the workplace. Peritoneal mesothelioma is an uncommon condition, difficult to diagnose clinically and radiologically and whose therapeutic management is multimodal. Next, we present the case of a 64-year-old male diagnosed with advanced peritoneal mesothelioma who debuted in an unusual way, making diagnosis even more difficult, and in which PET-CT was of special interest.

On examination, hypoventilation of the lower two-thirds of the right hemithorax was observed, and a right pleural effusion appeared on the chest x-ray with no signs of parenchymal condensation (Fig. No pathological findings were found in the biochemistry or in the blood hemogram A bronchoscopy and two serial thoracoscopies were performed without any pathological findings (no lesions suggestive of malignancy were observed.) No malignant cells were seen in the cytology of the same.

A diffuse thickening of the right diaphragmatic crura was found in the thoraco-abdominal CT scan. It also showed involvement of the anterior thoracic wall with involvement of the anterior rectus muscle and right anterolateral abdominal wall. Right ascites and ascites free ascitic fluid were also observed. An echo-directed biopsy of the anterior abdominal wall was then performed, in which a mesothelial cell proliferation of marked intensity compatible with mesothelioma epithelial subtype was observed. Tumor cells expressed CKAE-1-AE3, CK-7, and calretinin (nuclear and cytoplasmic) in the immunohistochemistry, being CK-20 and CEA negative.

Other types of tumors such as carcinoma, lymphoma, sarcoma, or melanoma were ruled out. A large right pleural effusion associated with atelectasis, both ameotabolic, was also visualized. Finally, the definitive diagnosis of sarcomatoid mesothelioma of peritoneal origin was reached with thoracic wall involvement, advanced and unresectable. Discarded surgery for the extension of the disease, it was decided to start systemic chemotherapy with the cisplatin-pemetrexed scheme.

After three complete cycles a radiological partial response of the disease was evidenced. However, the evolution was torpid, with diarrhea, renal failure and pneumonia in the context of neutropenia grade 4, secondary to cytostatic treatment. Sarcomatoid mesothelioma is a rare insidious neoplasm arising from mesothelial surfaces, either the pleura, peritoneum, tunica vaginalis or pericardium. In fact, workers exposed to asbestos have a 10% risk of being diagnosed with a sarcomatoid mesothelioma throughout their lifetime.

The latency between the exposure and the risk of suffering from the disease is long, approximately 30 to 40 years. Histologically mesotheliomas are classified into three subtypes: epithelial, sarcomatoid and biphasic. Peritoneal mesothelioma, as well as pleural mesothelioma, also has a strong association with asbestos. The usual clinic with which it usually begins includes abdominal pain and distention, ascites, abdominal or pelvic mass, and thrombocytosis.

In most patients, the disease manifests itself locally aggressively with difficult therapeutic management. In localized, non-advanced forms, the treatment is multidisciplinary. Several strategies have been combined over the last decades: surgery alone, surgery followed by intraperitoneal chemotherapy and surgery followed by systemic chemotherapy, usually with cisplatin-based regimens. Although there are no comparative studies that demonstrate a clear superiority, the series of patients treated with surgery followed by intraperitoneal chemotherapy reached higher survivals, from 34 to 58 months.

In patients with advanced disease (unresectable or relapsing), the prognosis is unfortunate with survivals of less than 1 year. Systemic chemotherapy with cisplatin-pemetrexed has been shown to have 26% of objective partial responses, with similar results in both those who have advanced disease and those who have relapsed after surgery and intraperitoneal chemotherapy. Other agents, such as paclitaxel, mitomycin, adriamycin, or irinotecan, have demonstrated activity, alone or in combination with cisplatin, with a lower response rate .

Buy Vigrx Pills For Sex

When a line of treatment is required for Erectile Dysfunction or male impotence the three drugs that come into anybody’s mind are Vigrx pills , Cialis and Levitra. Each of these three medications works well and has few side effects which are generally not too bothersome.
Vigrx pills  (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) and Levitra (Vardenafil) are medications that treat erectile dysfunction by restricting an enzyme PDE5 from breaking down a chemical called cGMP prematurely.

cGMP is responsible for increasing nitric oxide which opens and relaxes blood vessels in the penis, helping you get and keep an erection.  None of the three drugs are aphrodisiacs and do not increase your sex drive, though, and cause erections only when you are sexually stimulated.

Though their way of action is similar the different chemical composition of each of these drugs make them suitable for different body requirements, and the best person to guide you on the usage and dosage of any of them is your doctor.

Vigrx pills and Levitra are normally taken without food no more than once a day, while Cialis can be taken with or without food no more than once a day. It is suggested that Vigrx be taken 1 hour before sex while Cialis and Levitra are to be taken 30 mins before sex. The effects of Vigrx pills  and Levitra last about 4-5 hours while the effect of Cialis lasts about 36 hours after being taken.

The common side effects of the tablets are Headache, Flushing, Indigestion, Stuffy or runny nose, Back pain and muscle aches (with Levitra) and Temporary vision changes, including “blue vision” (with Vigrx.
Rare cases of serious side effects include hearing loss or vision loss and an erection that doesn’t go away on its own for which medical attention is required.
People with Heart problems, High or low blood pressure, Eye problems, and Sickle cell anemia, leukemia should inform the doctor about their condition as it may not be safe to take ED treatment drugs.

Meth Test Drug Screening

Controls of toxic substances on the road have been intensified in recent years, with the aim of alerting people to the risk of taking drugs and driving.

In the beginning of these tests (about 10 years ago), many detection systems have been tested, in order to find the most reliable and practical type of test.

Drug Screening Test Used by Police

According to the regional police, in the checks carried out in Catalonia, almost 70% of the drug controls are positive , a percentage infinitely higher than the alcohol test results. This is because the drug test is not usually randomized. The agents usually do this test to people who show concrete signs and who have not tested positive for alcohol, suggesting that they may have used drugs.

The test is performed by a kit consisting of a plate and a stick, which must be impregnated with saliva. Meth test is done to find the dosage level .

The plate will only analyze the consumption of these 5 drugs :

1- Cocaine

2- Heroin

3- Methamphetamine

4- THC (marijuana, hashish …)

5- Amphetamine


If the test is positive a second sample will be made and sent to the laboratory to confirm the positive or not.  Failure to undergo drug tests, such as blood tests, is a crime .

The result of these tests can be debatable, since there is still no homologation of any apparatus . The positive must be confirmed in the laboratory and with the advice of a doctor.

As there are no scales or rates (as happens with alcohol), it will be the agents themselves who will determine if the consumption has influenced the driving to, therefore, urge the criminal procedure. In these cases a rapid judgment will be made , and the laboratory will make the final report and send it directly to the court. Meth test is very necessary to find the dosage level .

Even so, in most cases, if the influence on driving is not obvious or detected by the agent, the positive will be processed through an administrative penalty procedure .


Treatments for Acne Scar

Acne can leave scars that we can deal with with different therapeutic techniques.
One of the most worrying sequels of severe acne is the appearance of unsightly atrophic scars .

These are produced by a loss of collagen fibers, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which generates a loss of volume in those areas. Because of this, our therapeutic goal will be to stimulate the production of these substances in the skin and, in certain cases, to replace them. You can also consult cincinnati dermatology for treatment .

For their part, those more depressed scars are caused by bands of fibrosis that pull the surface of the skin towards deeper planes.

The scars atrophic are the most common on the face and are divided according to their morphology into 3 types:

Type rolling or wavy (surface and smooth as ‘waves’).
Type boxcar or van (deep with defined edges and greater than 3 mm wide).
Type icepeak or ice picks (those punctiform but very deep).

This classification helps determine which treatment will be most appropriate in each case.

Treatments for Acne Scars

Currently, one of the treatments most used to improve the appearance of all acne scars are fractionated lasers, especially the non-ablative fractionated laser (LFNA). This technology is able to stimulate the skin cells responsible for synthesizing collagen and elastin in the deeper layers without damaging the epidermis (the most superficial layer of the skin).  You can consult cincinnati dermatology for acne scars

The procedure is very well tolerated by patients, even without previously applying cream anesthesia. After the session, it can be observed on the treated skin a temporary redness of hours or a few days of duration. For maximum results, it is recommended to perform sessions spaced approximately one month.

Another option is the ablative fractionated laser (LFA), which produces even better results than the previous one. This laser generates small holes in the skin through which the energy enters in deeper layers, which leads to a remodeling of the skin, or resurfacing . As a consequence of the treatment, scabs appear that may take about a week to heal and a more lasting redness than with the non-ablative fractionated laser. Because of their greater effectiveness, the number of sessions needed to observe improvement is less than when using LFNA. The interval between sessions can be between 3 to 6 months.

It is also possible to combine these two types of lasers in the same patient, using the non-ablative fractionated laser in large areas and reserving the ablative fractionated laser in those spot areas with more noticeable or deep scars. It is also possible to combine these laser treatments with other procedures, such as chemical peels, infiltration of fillings or surgical techniques, which we will mention below.

The Chemical peels are another mainstay in the treatment of acne scars . There are superficial peels, which are made with glycolic, salicylic or retinoic acid and improve the quality of the epidermis, resulting in a smoother texture and a decrease in pore size. These are very well tolerated and can even be guided so that the same patient uses them daily at home. It is frequent that during its use it feels a slight stinging and that some redness or peeling occurs of the skin that can last some days.

Medium and deep peels (for example, those made with trichloroacetic acid) act by stimulating the production of collagen and other substances in the deeper areas of the skin. They should always be performed by a physician. They can be used in large areas at lower concentration (30% trichloroacetic acid) or in punctual form in those more depressed scars (CROSS technique with 80 or 90% trichloroacetic acid). This procedure generates erythema and scabs that can last for days or even weeks to be resolved.

After a laser or chemical peeling session , the patient should avoid sunbathing and have to apply a healing or healing cream for a few days. In some cases an ointment with antibiotics or treatment will be prescribed to prevent herpes outbreaks (specifically, in cases of ablative lasers and deeper peels that generate ‘wounds’). It is recommended to carry out these procedures in months of low solar irradiation to minimize the risk of pigmentation or abnormal scarring in the treated areas.

Infiltration of fillers in those areas with loss of volume is another treatment option for acne scars . Hyaluronic acid, which is a substance existing in our own skin and which is responsible for hydrating it inwardly, is the most commonly used material. The best results are seen in those deeper rolling type scars . Hyaluronic acid infiltrations show rapid results, but their combination with other techniques, such as laser sessions, is recommended.

Useful Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Casino

If you enjoy playing slots then you will love playing at the Royal Vegas new online casino .

As one of the best casinos in the Fortune Lounge group, Royal Vegas offers the best service and access to its extensive range of slots , in addition to those that are added every month.

To enjoy your new online casino experience to the fullest, follow these tips:

Extend your casino time and play longer by avoiding playing the “max bet” all the time. Choose a bet of lesser value, and thus you will make more money.

Identify your lucky number:

If you are superstitious then you will have an excellent selection of games to choose from.

Take advantage of bonuses offered by the casino:

Take time to understand how bonds work. They will gladly provide you with all the information you need. These bonuses have been designed to make your game even more rewarding; So make use of them.

Switch Games:

No one likes to have a losing streak, although anyone can pass it. After all, the saying “everything that goes up, then goes down” is very true and applies also to the game.

If your luck game is not on your side, then try another.

Take a look at the list of the most popular games. These are those who have been offering the best payouts lately, while the less prominent games do not pay well, but can become popular games at any time.

While there is no totally effective method to win playing slots , these simple tips will help you on your way to getting riches.


How To Gain Muscle Mass In A Healthy And Safe Way

How To Gain Muscle Mass In A Healthy And Safe Way

Not everyone is trying to lose weight. The best way to lose weight is by gym and fitness . Each body and each person is different. While many of you are trying to lose pounds, we know, that others, you are trying to gain weight, creating muscle in a healthy way. That’s why we’re here to help you!

Trying to gain weight can be quite a challenge, especially if you are trying to do it right and healthy , without increasing the percentage of body fat. In this way, you will continue to have a toned body, but with more muscle mass. To achieve this, we talked to nutritionist Carrie McMahon, who explained the concept of “reverse diet”.

This type of diet is a way of gaining weight slowly but surely, concentrating only on gaining muscle as well as repairing the metabolic damage due to the strict diets that you may have subjected to the body on previous occasions. In McMahon’s words: “This repair is essential to achieve your goals. Strict diets do tremendous damage to our metabolism, since the body is subjected to fasting, in which the metabolism will go much slower. ”

Even if you have not made strict diets, the “reverse diet” also works for people who have always been skinny and want to gain a few extra pounds of pure muscle.

The diet basically consists of increasing food intake,

What is the reverse diet?

The first step is to start counting the macronutrients . Macros or macronutrients are a type of calories that increase the calories of your meals: fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The way you distribute macros in your diet (such as heavy proteins, light carbohydrates, and fat) has an effect on your metabolism that determines whether you lose or gain weight.

When you are starting with the reverse diet, the nutritionist recommends keeping the same as you did before, to gradually make gradual adjustments. If you’ve never counted your macros, try to remember the food you’ve eaten the previous week, and record the information to get a rough idea of ​​what you eat. “The key is to start where you were until now.” As McMahon explains, if you happen to be on a detox or low calorie diet for a week, it does not count. Think about what you have done during the last 6 months. That’s where you have to start.

A healthy diet, on average about 30% to 35% protein, 25% fat and 45% carbohydrates. Once you start adding more food to gain weight, you should do it in small amounts every week , so that you are not changing the diet on a daily basis, but for weeks. Each week you add more food, so you will ingest between 50-100 calories a day. Progress is slow.