Best Life Insurance

Life quoteme life insurance offers insured persons and their families the most complete protection in situations of death, disability or dependency, among others. In this way, and according to the forecasts and needs of each family unit, it is possible to access different types of related policies, such as the Annual Guaranteed Capital Creation, Rent plus Capital Equity, Mortgage Amortization Insurance or Capital Insurance Temporary Fixed.

Types of life insurance

The select quote life insurance allows choosing the coverage that best suits the needs of the insured through complementary guarantees. It protects the client and his family from situations where the insured’s ability to generate income is lost or reduced.

Annual Temporary Renovable

Life insurance offering two fixed guarantees with two options of insured capital (€ 25,000 and € 60,000) for quick and easy hiring.

 Rent More Capital TodoVida

It offers guarantees related to dependency. It ensures the economic stability of a family so that it can afford the monthly expenses, through a long-term rent and with an immediate capital distributed in monthly installments.

 Mortgage Amortization Insurance

It is the life insurance that covers any mortgage loan, freeing the other members of the family unit from burdens if the insured dies or if he suffers an absolute and permanent disability. The capital corresponds to the amount to be amortized.

 Fixed Temporary Capital

It is a term insurance that guarantees the payment of the capital contracted to the beneficiaries in case of death of the insured. It is possible to include, optionally, capital in case of absolute and permanent disability. You can contract both a single and periodic premium.