Facebook auto poster: An alternative for conducting market researches

Facebook provides you a platform for newbie developers, designers, game designers and other people related to such fields to check their worth and demand among people. Traditionally, conducting market researches was the sole means of reckoning the worth of your product. However, the popularity of Facebook has lessened the distance between consumers and producers offering a bridge for them to communicate. A producer can actually check how well his product interests people. For instance, a game designer can launch a demo mini version of his new game and check whether it is appealing to the users or not and accordingly can amend the game.

Facebook has introduced API methods where developer can see their Facebook auto poster software  analytics on daily, weekly and monthly basis. These information will definitely assist developers in telling how popular is their application is? What are interests the users? There are many specialized analytics services also available. You can also build your own analytics system that is able to gather the user info related to your application. After seeing the analysis, you can check your app credibility and would be able to modify your Facebook application according to the trend and users? interest. There are lot more things you can do with having those analytics.

With this, a rating system is also provided which alert developers about the spaciness of their applications. Easy to know when they are having high spam and make changes accordingly. Facebook strictly consider Spams and now the back-up actions of Facebook are visible to developers and they should know about their application, going to be banned for having over-activity.