Fantasy Mermaid Dress Costume

Out with the old, in with the new. Enough of the creepy Halloween costumes and try on something trendy. A character Fantasy Mermaid Dress Costume look-alike costume is for kids. Now you have grown up, it’s time to give it a twist. A splendid, glitzy, and fashionable costume it is.

The Fantasy Mermaid Dress Costume is a glamorous green halter dress with a sheer midriff. The long mermaid inspired dress features a faux seashell bra detailed with shiny sequins. A long slit makes the dress, and you, look more gorgeous. Attached at the faux seashells are long shiny beads of pearl connected until the skirt.

The back has three back dress ribbons. Two are for the backless top and one is a design attached at the bottom of the dress, the part where it looks like a fish tail. Available in small, medium, and large adult sizes only. Wear it with a pair of nice high heels, necklace, bangles, or any other accessory you think it will go well with.

No bachelor on earth will be able to resist you. You are one sexy creature of the seas that will stun the crowd this Halloween with the dazzling Fantasy Mermaid Dress Costume.

The Little Mermaid Dress Costume for Women

Little Mermaid dress Costume She may have a tail, but in partying she will not fail. She is prepared to make a change to be with her loved ones. She will swim her way to make it at the Halloween party. From the bottom of the ocean to the top of the land, a beautiful creature will amaze the crowd with her wonderful outfit.

The Little Mermaid Dress Costume stuns the crowd as it a beautiful lavender and blue mermaid style dress. A spaghetti strap with purple shell-shaped top and short sheer lavender peplum. The long sheer blue mermaid flared peplum at the bottom makes a pretty sea siren look.

Included in the Little Mermaid Dress Costume is a lavender headband with an orange seashell attached to complete the mermaid look. Style your hair and add some accessories like bangles, headpiece, handbag, necklace, and gloves. You will definitely make a head-turner entrance at the party.

Have a great time mingling with humans and make them join your underwater adventures. Guaranteed fun and exciting for everyone!