Mobile phone tracking with GPS and Wi-Fi

Software is created for the purpose of obtaining information on the location of online phone tracker .

Both mechanisms, both GPS and Wi-Fi access points signals closer to the device, can be used to collect data on the location of the mobile phone. The signal obtained with the GPS is very accurate and the signal obtained with the Wi-Fi mechanism is less accurate, although it needs less battery consumption.

Even when the user has deactivated GPS and Wi-Fi on the necessary device, the software may be able to discover the location of the mobile phone using mobile phone base stations (GSM).

The tracking frequency of the mobile phone performing the software can be corrected for free at any time using your online account.

You can check the current location of the user and the route of travel on the detailed map in the online account. Access to the personal account can be achieved with any device that has an Internet connection. when you know how to follow the location of the cell phone , you should no longer  need to worry about where your children are or how your employees spend their time.

The necessary device geolocation points are marked on the map (OpenStreetMap) with blue dots. In the case where the user has been located in the same place many times, the color of the point is gradually changed to red.