To find out who is really popular in Facebook, you need to take into account several facebook auto posting features

How many comments on their wall – ignore comments and  replying from themselves replying to other people using Facebook Auto Poster 

Who is commenting – is it always the same person? The more different people commenting and writing on a person’s wall, the more popular they are generally speaking.

What are they writing – Keep an eye out on what people are writing. If the majority of the comments are negative then the person is not popular. They may be getting lots of comments and posts, but they could well be generated by that person posting something deliberately offensive, unpleasant etc.

The number of friends – this is a tricky one. The more friends a person has, the more opportunity they have to get comments on statuses as what they write is reaching a wider audience. Therefore, if two people have the same amount of comments on a status, then the person with less friends is usually more popular.

However, don’t mark someone down if they have more friends, it could be because they add everyone they’ve met and even people they don’t know, or it could be because they actually are really popular. You’ll have to judge for yourself. An easy way to see if someone just adds any old person is they may have a post on their wall from someone saying something along the lines of “Hi, do I know you?”.

Frequency of activity – If a person is constantly on Facebook using some facebook auto poster (you can tell if they are if they are constantly updating their status or always writing on other people’s) then it implies that they don’t have much else to do. Someone who updates their status less often, for example 2 or 3 times a week (or less) will give the impression of being busier and more therefore leading a more interesting life.

Take into account most, or ideally all of these factors and you should be left with a few people you know who are really popular. Now all you need to do is imitate them as described in part 1 and the activity on your wall should increase. Good luck!