What is SEO?

SEO, friendly URLs, tags, meta tags, linkbuilding, linkbaiting, anchor text, keyword, long tail, page rank … seems more complicated than it is. We teach you what all this means and how to use it to get your website positioned in search engines .Seo courses and online marketing and seo london

Learn how to write for the Internet

Learn how to write for the Internet in an agile, direct course with a practical part that will allow you to apply all the knowledge acquired.

The writing on a blog or a website , you must not be like writing in a traditional support. There are special techniques for writing on the Internet and that serve for search engines like Google, position our website among the first search results. It is what is known as SEO .

Mastering Search Engine Positioning

Not only do we teach you the latest copywriting techniques that work in search engines, but we  also explain how to structure your website , how to decide the domain, what kind of images to use … a specific course, taught by professionals who use this knowledge on a daily basis. With a theoretical and practical part and above all very useful.

This is a course in SEO and web writing taught by Haychenterprises, seo London professionals who use daily techniques and knowledge that you will learn. We teach you what you will need in the management of your web project, the latest SEO techniques and, above all, the ones that we know really work. Do not stay behind. Learn to position yourself.

Haychenterprises is a SEO london company dedicated to the online world with 10 years of experience that advises clients in different areas to make the most of their potential in the network. They are specialists in LONDON in digital marketing, mobile applications, ecommerce and web development.